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or I wonder what Bach is doing right now.

Bespoke or Custom Music

They are both specially made. I do Bespoke or Custom music in specific genres for individuals following your ideas and criteria, after amounts and contracts are agreed upon. If I can't produce what you would like then I will tell you so. I don't want to waist your time or mine. I used to do a lot of music for free and credit when I started in this business, but as I've heard said "That doesn't put food on your table." I still do some free music on occasion for film students, but I have to like the project. You can scroll down toward the middle of the page and listen to some samples of my work.

Music for Libraries

No, not the kind that has a lot of books in them. Music libraries or production music libraries. I compose and produce quite a bit of music for music libraries. Exclusive and non-exclusive terms. You can see my credit listing below. If you are a Music Supervisor you can find my new tracks residing in...

music Reliant production music catalog
music Reliant Methodic doubt Music, LLC

New Tracks on the way!

The most recent album I completed for Trailers and soundtracks "Robot Equation" will be released soon. These Robot themed tracks are hybrid Orchestral/Industrial.

Robot Equation


Find out what I'm working on.


List of my media credits.